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Important New Bulletin

Hello darlings. Due to some anxiety and unsureness, we decided to take down our vlogs. We will be posting more videos very soon we just wanted to start fresh to make sure we keep on track with our goals. It’s clear we’ve been distracted, seeing as many of our videos were pretty irrelevant. We’ve left you with our trailer and music video in the time being and we’ll be back with more motivation than ever and prepare to see some creativity in the works. Please stick with us, and thanks for everything! 

We still have our trailer and our music video up, so you can watch those while we make more quality videos! 

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{Matt Smith: A Love Song uke tab (sort of)

It’s really simple:

(G) I get such a lovely sensation 

(D)From your face like punctuation

(F)I’ve developed an infatuation

(A)With your nose, chin, forehead formation

(G)I’ll be your companion with the best relation

(D)If you save me form extermination

(F)Don’t want to deal with the Dalek Nation

(A)But it’s okay with my hunky spaceman. 


             A                D                 F                  Am

Cuz’ it’s you that I adore my divine time lord

A                    D                    F             Am

Never have I loved punctuation more

Verse 2 - chords are the same as verse one

Don’t leave me alone like an empty child

Cause when you first smiled my mind went wild

Just one glance and my hormones spiraled

But every episode makes it all worthwhile

Hope you’re not a figment of imagination

You can take me on a little vacation

We’ll travel back to the dawn of creation

In your Tardis colon space station


Cuz’ it’s you that I adore my divine time lord

Never have I loved punctuation more

Verse 3 (there isn’t any uke here, but it’d be the same chords, just strummed once)

Now I don’t care if my life is threatned

Riding on the Tardis is my personal heaven

We hop around time but we never miss a second

And that’s what you get when you ride with Eleven

:) here you go @sacre_blues

©Meanwhile In America, 2011

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MeanwhileInAmerica is a project that was started by me, Julia, and three other high school students living in New York City. Josie, June, and Arianna and I are working on this project to reach our own personal goals. We each have aspirations, and through the course of this project, we hope to grow as individuals and as a group. We will be vlogging individually on our youtube channel ( and keeping record of our own journeys as we accomplish our goals and reach for our dreams. (As cliché as that sounds!) Josie is a filmmaker, June is a musician, Arianna is a writer/artist, and I am a fashion designer.  We feel as though the youtube community is very welcoming, and a good place to start out.  Youtube is becoming not only just a place to put funny videos, but a place where you can really express yourself and make a difference.  
Please check us out at
One of our first video is a song we wrote about Matt Smith, and the video is directed and filmed by Josie (with help from Arianna!) You can look at that here:  
Thanks! Julia 

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